Adventure and Life in the Arctic

About the author and the adventure


Blogging 101: Why am I here?

Well, honestly I just graduated and took my board exams and now I have a lot more free time. I’ve never publicly written, but after I decided to move to Barrow, Alaska, many people told me I should write a blog about my adventures, I never started that up, until now. I’ve lived in Barrow AK for seven months now and I feel I have acquired enough adventures and experience to be able to share what it is like living 350 miles above the Arctic Circle, however I write not just about Barrow but all of Alaska, because whether I like it or not, this state is my home and has been from the time I was born.

I wasn’t born in Alaska, I was born in Virginia, my father in the Coast Guard, we moved to Kodiak just 3 days after I was born, we lived there for 2 years until my parents split up and my father re-stationed in Mobile, Alabama.  My mother ran off with another Coastie to Vermont and took me with. I lived in Vermont for about 13 years before I was shipped off to my father who now resided in Washington state, he had bought a home in a little town called Hansville. It was there at 15 years old that I met my (ex) husband, he was my neighbor, I remember clear as a bell the day he chased me down to the beach on his bike while I was walking my dog, I remember what he was wearing, the color of his bike, what I was wearing. Little did I know, that 8 years later I would be married to this awkward freckle faced red head and making a very fast move to Wasilla, Alaska.

I didn’t last in Wasilla, I hated it, I wasn’t ready to come back to Alaska, we had moved here with no plan, no money, and were living with his parents. I didn’t leave him when I left, I left the state, I guess he didn’t see it the same way and asked for a divorce, but I was the one that ended up filing the papers and going through with it.

By this time I had established myself as a Vet Tech by trade and went back to work in Washington, I shortly after became pregnant with my son (while still married-what a mess) my sons father and I are still together. We moved from rural Kitsap County to Seattle where I began work at a holistic clinic and began going back to school. I loved that clinic, I learned so very much from them, but as I continued on with my education I felt I needed more, I began a soap business, an amateur chemist mentored by a wonderful professor. Just as I was about to really get the business going and profiting, fate stepped in and told me that it wasn’t time for me to settle in to a venture in Washington.

I came across a position on the North Slope for a Vet Tech, looking by pure chance because my boyfriend, had on a whim decided he wanted to try his hand at commercial fishing, so I decided to look for work in Alaska too. Funny thing is, my job panned out, his didn’t, and here we are in Barrow, where the closest tree is about 400 miles away, did I mention my boyfriend is an arborist? I am lucky to have found someone that is willing to follow me to the edge of the earth, whether we make it through the journey is another matter, but you only live once and I wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity for the adventure of a lifetime, and nothing was going to stop that, even if it meant the end of a relationship.

I hope to share a piece of Alaska that not many people get to see, I want people to gain a greater understanding of the strong cultural, socioeconomic, and general lifestyle of the North Slope, it is unlike any other and although pictures and stories don’t do it justice, its a start. While these stories will mostly be about life on The Slope, I will also talk of my lifetime of experiences that brought me here, along with my journey through the world of Veterinary medicine, I might even throw in an occasional soaping tutorial and recipe, and who knows, I may even get the opportunity to make some awesome soap out of the unique fats and oils you can only find in the arctic, whale blubber soap anyone?


12 thoughts on “About the author and the adventure

  1. Omg yes, I want to make soap like that! Can I do it with sheep fat, tho? I don’t think I can get whale blubber here in Egypt! I’m totally hooked, great to meet you!

  2. Love it! I too have dream of Alaska.

  3. You’re officially the first blogger I’ve come across on my Zero to Hero journey that happens to reside further north than I do. Not that I’m that far north considering I’m just outside of Vancouver, BC… but I play with the stereotype enough when people assume I live in snow all year round and know Mike from Canmore.

    I can’t say I know much about Alaska, beyond what I see on the Discovery Channel (there is gold off the shore of Nome and crab in the waters off Dutch Harbour), so you’ll have to bear (or is it bare) with me while I soak in all you have to share.

    • Northern most city in the US and 10th in the world! Even we get to thaw out a bit in the summer, I love Vancouver, I miss those forests so much! Oh, and its definitely bear (polar bear to be precise, the one that was behind my work this morning! 🙂 only in the arctic)

      • I might be biased, but I love Vancity too! And polar bears?! Crazy. Pictures? I’ll trade you a picture of the sparrow that was sitting on my balcony railing. Ha!

      • I might just take you up on that sparrow offer, I haven’t seen a bird in a long time!! As requested a post of pictures has been published complete with polar bear.. Along with some paw prints from out on the point and few other good randoms from the picture log. More to come featuring the dirty underbelly of Barrow soon (those ones I find more entertaining for the un-squeamish)

      • Okay… now I need to get the sparrows back. You see, we had nice weather a couple days back so I let the cat out on the balcony.. and… well… uhh…

  4. Hi Im doing Blogging 101 as well. Nice to meet you. I love to travel and if I cannot be there I love to hear about different places. I look forward with interest your blog about yourself and Alaska. Loved your about page and what to know more….good luck in life and I cant wait to hear the next instalment.

    • Nice to meet you! I hope to eventually add in more about the Pacific Northwest too, I absolutely adore everything about the whole Western side of North America, I’ve explored a lot of it, but have so much more to go.

  5. wow this is such an interesting read! I am really glad to have come across your blog, and am also hugely honoured for the nomination you have given me, but most of all I am glad it has helped me to discover your ‘adventures’, will definitely keep an eye on what’s to come!! very best regards

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