Adventure and Life in the Arctic

Grab Your Sports Bras, Spring Has Arrived!


It warmed to above freezing over these past few days here in Barrow, I’m amazed at how truly gross everything is. A swampy, cesspool, full of everything that the snow, ice, and darkness kindly kept from view through the winter. All the garbage is uncovered, the empty liquor bottles, cigarette butts, wine boxes, dirty diapers, candy wrappers, soda cans, animal body parts, it looks as if someone took all the dumpsters in town and spread their contents throughout the streets.

Driving is now pure hell, absolute and total hell. I watched a 3 yr old walking down the side of the road going faster than me in my company vehicle, a nice, burly, 4WD Expedition, equipped with the necessary kennels for dog catching.  All of the ice and snow filling the pot holes is gone, replaced by mucky water and slush. People drive on whichever part of the road is passable, even if it means the shoulder, the center, or heck, why not the other lane? My max speed is now 15 mph and that’s if I want to chance my truck rattle apart around me. I discovered after the first trip around town that I needed to be better equipped in the chest support department, I would not attempt a drive through Barrow at this moment without a sports bra. Thank goodness I’m somewhat small chested, or I may have been the victim of a unintended self-inflicted black eye. (Yes, that’s truly how bad the roads are)

They call it the breakup, it’s fitting because, its a big hot mess here in Barrow, all of my worries about the nastiness of town have come true. I think I want the cold back….

On  the bright side, the birds have returned even though they chirp, tweet, and chatter at all hours, I missed them and love hearing them again.

The ice has started to break-up, just like that, I went to work a bad wind storm whipped through, and then it was gone, literally a whole ice sheet in hours.

Ice Burgs floating by in the distance

Ice Burgs floating by in the distance

I’m told it dries out quick here in Barrow, when does that happen I ask? It happens when it happens.


2 thoughts on “Grab Your Sports Bras, Spring Has Arrived!

  1. That’s unbelievable!

  2. Such beautiful pictures. Awesome 🙂

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