Adventure and Life in the Arctic

Village Trips and Piloting Bush Planes


Just got back into Fairbanks today after a four day trip to Anaktuvuk Pass for a Veterinary trip. None of the smaller villages on the Slope have Veterinary Clinics, so twice yearly we travel to all the villages to provide services, most of the services are free, including spays, neuters and rabies vaccines, basically anything public health related. We work from sun rise to sunset, which this time of year, means about 20 hrs a day. We do our surgeries in the health clinic garages, right next to the vehicles on makeshift tables and whatever supplies we could fit in our luggage.

This trip was really special to me (and not just because I got to go to Fairbanks and feel like a real civilian again, go shopping and pay somewhat normal prices for things, and got to see a movie to boot…the little things) The people, for the most part were incredibly welcoming, some of the dogs pretty vicious, the kids though, the kids were so great, and so was co-piloting the plane!


8 thoughts on “Village Trips and Piloting Bush Planes

  1. So reminds me of Northern Exposure the TV series from the 1990s. Do you remember that. loved it and I love your blog, so fascinating, its like another world!

    • I do! I loved that show, and I completely feel like I’m living it sometimes, this trip was great. I get to go to Point Hope next week, so hopefully some more awesome pictures to come.

  2. Great Northern Exposures (yes that was a poor attempt at photography-movie humour) They are great shots though and I was thinking of Maggie O’Connell and Dr Joel too! Thank you for sharing your adventures. You really opened my eyes to a different world. Hope the dogs are friendlier in Point Hope.

  3. What an amazing trip. Enjoyed the pics.

  4. Awesome pictures. I love your mission. πŸ™‚

  5. Wow this is great. These pictures are the best. What a great blog you have and fine job you are doing. Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

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